2003 Indian Chief Vintage: our bikes

Date 21.1.2015

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2003 Indian Chief Vintage

I recently bought a cruiser lift from Warana Imports in Queensland and was very pleased to have it when one of my Indians got a flat tyre. Luckily the damage was done close to home and we were able to limp into the garage.

Getting the wheel out of any cruiser can be a problem thanks to their sheer size and weight.

Oh, and the typical lack of a centrestand. The Indian is particularly difficult, thanks to those lovely swooping fenders.

The bike has to be lifted a loooong way to get the wheel out.

Despite the whole exercise looking all wrong – levitation and Indian motorcycles just don’t go together – the lift handled the job with no dramas. I discovered that it was important to experiment a little to work out the best placement of the cruiser lift under the machine, so the balance of the bike was solid. Once it was right, it could be safely left overnight.

A quick run to Pablo’s Tyre Centre in eastern Melbourne saw the tube swapped out and everything fitted back together for $50. Easy.

Getting the wheel in and out is simple enough, though the clearance is very tight and, in hindsight, it would have been wise to drop the brake caliper to improve access.

So, the moral to the story? Having the right tools for the job – particularly hoists and lifts – is money very well spent.