2004 MTT Y2K Turbine | Two Guinness World Records

Date 11.3.2016

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Under the Hammer It Sold For… $US115,000 (AU$162,320)

This offering comes from the bizarre end of the motorcycle continuum. MTT (Marine Turbine Technologies) designs, engineers and manufactures turbines for a range of applications, including airboats, firefighting equipment and power generation. The company obviously considered motorcycle production to be a natural progression.

The power comes from a Rolls-Royce Model 250 Turboshaft that will run on kerosene, diesel, or Jet A fuel – giving 420hp at 52,000rpm and 576Nm at 2000rpm.

This is packed into a tubular aluminium frame, which also contains the bike’s transmission fluids and reserve tank. Rear suspension is via an adjustable monoshock.


2004 MTT Y2k Turbine

Other features include SmartStart computerised ignition, 17-inch carbon-fibre wheels, two-speed automatic transmission and a carbon-fibre fairing.

The brochure quotes the speed as “faster than you will ever dare to go”.

MTT claims two Guinness World Records for its two-wheeled creation: the most expensive production motorcycle ever to go on sale and the most powerful production motorcycle. When new in 2004 this bike was purchased for $US175,000 ($247,000).

Interestingly, this lot came from an Australian collection. Allen Smith ran the Australian Motorcycle Museum near Ipswich in Queensland for several years until late 2014. He closed it and is selling some of his collection so he can concentrate on his other motorcycling business interests.

The auction was held at the South Point Casino and Exhibit Hall, Las Vegas, Nevada, US.

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