Gearbox: Alpinestars SP-2 gloves review

Date 05.3.2014

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Alpinestars SP-2 gloves

It was one of those days when muggins shouldn’t have been let out of the house unsupervised. In a taxi on my way to pick up a test bike I realised that I’d forgotten my gloves. Great.

Finding a bike shop using a smart phone I was soon with gloves and $130 lighter in the wallet.

I won’t ride without gloves, simply because your hands always cop a hiding when you bite the dust and, having seen the pathetic sight of people with injured paws try to do even basic tasks, have decided it’s not worth the grief.

Along the way, I’ve also developed a preference for a glove which includes a reasonably long gauntlet that will cover the cuff of the jacket. This prevents the air blast running up the sleeve and turning your clothing into a giant wind sock.

Of course, in all the rush I had only the vaguest idea about what I’d bought but knew Alpinestars was a reliable-enough brand.

With a little belated research, we now know the feature list includes:
• Use of a mixture of cow and goat hides, plus synthetic materials in the construction
• Carbon-fibre knuckle protection panel
• Long Velcro-fastened cuff
• A mini leather ‘bridge’ connecting the outer two fingers about a third of the way up (this is intended to protect your outer finger from a severe ‘roll’ during a crash)
• Fingers tailored in a bent position to suit a handgrip
• Extensive perforation for ventilation
• They come in five colour schemes and six sizes, from small through to 3XL.

This pair has been in frequent use over the last six months or so and I’m pretty happy with them. They’re comfortable, seem to be wearing well enough (no signs of deterioration at this stage) and allow good feel of the controls.

This is definitely summer or spring kit in the southern end of the country. The ventilation actually works, which means they won’t be warm enough for a winter fang.

On the other hand, they’re not the lightest summer gloves on the market, so a hot day can challenge them. However they seem fine so long as you’re moving.

Given the overall quality and feel, I’m happy with the choice and have no complaints about the price.

Alpinestars SP-2 gloves

Price: $130
Available: All good motorcycle stores



First Class: *****
Damned good: ****
Worth a look: ***
Keep looking: **
Give it a miss: *