Video: Cam Donald’s 2015 IoM TT – Race Diary 5

Date 16.6.2015

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  • Motorcycle Trader

Watch Cam's final Race Diary of the 2015 Isle of Man TT as he describes a series of near disasters through the Senior TT race.


2015 Isle of Man TT

Motorcycle Trader senior road tester Cam Donald was pushed to his absolute limit of physical and emotional endurance with his Norton team in the Senior Race of the Isle of Man TT.

“I’ve ridden through a fireball, I’ve been hit in the head by a seagull and now my fuel cap’s come loose. Maybe today’s just not my day,” he said in his video diary. “To say it’s been an emotional TT just doesn’t scratch the surface.”

In the end, Cam didn’t finish on the Norton Superbike, having to withdraw from the race through teeth being torn out of the rear sproket.

He did manage a personal best lap time, though, suggesting Norton will be back bigger and better in 2016.

Watch Cam’s Diary #5 here and catch up with his earlier updates through the IoM at

Look for the full report of the 2015 Isle of Man TT in a coming issue of Motorcycle Trader.

In summary:


  • BMW will have to work a little harder in future TTs to match the dominance it had in 2013. It could be its Tyco BMW Motorrad Racing team of Guy Martin and William Dunlop simply isn’t fast enough
  • Yamaha did well in the 600s but it has to harden up its R1 to be competitive in the future. It expected to do better
  • Kawasaki, the poor Japanese cousin in MotoGP, once again proved how tough its bikes are in the real world by claiming plenty of podiums. Road racing shows up the pretenders and Kawasaki isn’t one of them
  • Never underestimate John McGuinness. He pulled out a spectacular win in the most important race of the week after a relatively quiet lead-up. He’s the real deal – a champion’s champion
  • Bruce Anstey will be 46 on August 21 and he’s as competitive as ever. Congratulations from MT on an outstanding week of racing
  • Four people died over the race period, one rider and three visitors. Jamie Hamilton, who crashed in the Senior TT, is still listed as being in a critical condition