All British Rally 2013: Club tales

Date 01.8.2013

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All British Rally 2013

Brilliant All Brit

Despite stiff competition from other events, the 2013 All British Rally attracted a giant crowd and cemented its place as one of the best rallies Australia has to offer.

There’s something very special about rolling up to the All British Rally site and casting an eye over many hundreds of Brit bikes you wish you owned. A Norton here, a BSA there, a brace of Bonnevilles beside a campfire, an unrestored Vincent still in daily use, a Bantam puffing its way down to the bar – everywhere you turn you see epic stories on two wheels.

This was All British number 37, a huge achievement for the BSA Motorcycle Owners Association that runs the rally. The event has grown in stature as well as numbers and is a must-do for Brit-bike lovers, which includes most of the MT staff.

The rally is held at the country horse-racing track at Newstead, a small town in the Goldfields area of central Victoria. Competing events this year included the Triumph owner’s RAT rally but it didn’t stop around 900 happy campers enjoying the unseasonably mild weather over April 26-28.

A highlight of the event is the Saturday ride into the historic town of Maldon. The main street gets closed off so the bikes can be displayed appropriately. Organisers stopped counting when they got to 1500 and Maldon was flooded with the best of British.

Another feature of the rally is the gate prize which is usually a British motorcycle. MT staff missed out again this year but next year’s prize is a very cute 500cc Triumph Scrambler so we’ll certainly be back to try again.

For details on the BSA Motorcycle Owners Association and the All British Rally, visit the club’s website at

Enjoy Guido’s pictures and we’ll see you all there next year.




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