Little Box Big Power

Date 10.2.2016

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  • Motorcycle Trader


Compact Jumpstart: SJS SSC06

Is there nothing a mobile phone can’t do these days? Well, yes plenty. For instance, one thing a mobile phone can’t do is jump start a four-wheel-drive vehicle – but its compact charger can!

The new SJS SSC06 packs enough of a punch to jump-start almost all cars and 4WD vehicles but it’s also gentle enough to charge your mobile phone. It even has a torch for those times when you’re stuck out in the middle of nowhere looking for somewhere to dispose of the evidence (or, more probably, go for a walk).

Available in three sizes, 400 amp, 500 amp and 600 amp, the SJS Smart Charge comes in a handy zip-up pack which is small enough to fit in a glove box or centre console.

PRICE: From $109

AVAILABILITY: Online from Kenma Australia