Dealer profile: Geelong Harley-Davidson

Date 16.4.2014

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THE IRON LADY: Andrea Davis-Curry

The Great Ocean Road in Victoria is among Australia’s ‘must-do’ rides. At its gateway is the new Geelong Harley-Davidson on Latrobe Boulevard, alongside the Princes Highway.

Geelong Harley-Davidson, or GH-D, was founded in 1997 by the late Greg Curry and Reg Wilson of Australian Motorcycle Engineering. The business role of Greg’s wife, Andrea Davis-Curry, was managing spare parts and merchandise. After Greg’s passing in July 2008, however, Andrea became the sole owner of GH-D. Owning and operating a Harley-Davidson dealership presented huge challenges for Andrea, not least of which was finding reliable people. Andrea is Australia’s only female Harley-Davidson dealer principal and one of only a few globally.

When it comes to motorcycles, perhaps unsurprisingly, Andrea is one-eyed. “There is really only one motorcycle brand and that is Harley-Davidson,” she says. A keen motorcyclist, Andrea rides a 2008 XL 1200 and a 2013 trike. She also owns a collection of vintage Harleys, which are prominently displayed on the showroom floor.

David O’Brien is a Geelong local and an Australian motorcycle industry veteran, having previously worked for Yamaha, Kawasaki and Peter Stevens. He is also GH-D’s general manager tasked with driving business strategy.

“The H-D parent company is a genuine business partner and works with the dealership in setting targets,” Dave says. “With totally new infrastructure and dedicated facilities focused on the H-D brand, we are ensuring the development of the business well into the future.”

The store outgrew its former Mercer Street location and relocated late last year to its new, Princes Highway superstore.

The GH-D business model is one of cultivating relationships with customers, with country friendliness and service a priority. “We pride ourselves on making GH-D a fun place to work and do business,” Dave says. “GH-D is constantly being measured on how customers interact with us. One of the guiding values of the business is ‘Treat every customer as if they sign your pay cheque’.”

This quote sits on top of Andrea’s office door.

Plans are well underway for an in-store café alongside a Harley museum while the workshop is about to have a state-of-the-art dyno to fine-tune customer bikes.

“We’re selling the H-D dream and the personal and bespoke feel of the HD range, together with sensational merchandise and clothing.

“Women are increasingly well-represented in the H-D community and more commonly now across the [model] range, not just with Sportsters,” Dave says.

The Breakout FXSB is currently in hot demand and the Milwaukee brand’s new, partial water-cooled Project Rushmore bikes are stirring plenty of interest.

If you’re heading toward the Great Ocean Road, Andrea says there’s a standing invitation for all to drop by and have a look around. The Ford Motor Company may be uprooting from Geelong but Harley-Davidson’s future looks bright in Victoria’s city by the bay.


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