Sneakers For Motorcycle Riders | The ‘Slam Dry’

Date 07.4.2016

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  • Motorcycle Trader


Forma  Make Quality Sneaker For Motorcycle Riders | The ‘Slam Dry’

We’ve all done it: jumped on a bike wearing sneakers and gone for a quick spin. Feels good doesn’t it? Problem is, sneakers are not very safe in even a minor step-off. If you dream of wearing sneakers every time you go for a ride, Slam Dry is the answer to your prayers.

The Slam Dry looks like a regular sneaker but it’s really a quality riding shoe with CE-approved protection and a reinforced ankle – it’s also waterproof. The Slam Dry is available in mens and ladies sizes so you and your pillion can be a matching pair.

PRICE: $199

AVAILABLE: All good motorcycle stores