Gallery: Auto Italia Canberra 2014

Date 09.4.2014

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Auto Italia Canberra 2014

Each year the Italian Cars Association (ICA) presents a one-day event in Canberra showcasing a range of Italian cars, motorcycles and scooters. Held on Sunday, March 30, Auto Italia brought together just over 250 classic and modern vehicles from across the country in the one central location – around the picturesque lawns of Old Parliament House.

Overcast skies in the morning and the threat of more rain in the city didn’t deter the crowds, with an estimated 12,000 spectators adoring the polished treasures on display. Official photographer for the event – and Italian car lover/owner – Marisa Gangemi captured some of the Italian flair and colour from the two-wheelers in these photos.

Auto Italia 2015 is scheduled for Sunday, 29 March.  For more information, visit the website

Visit Marisa’s website for the full gallery: