Honda Broadford Bike Bonanza 2013

Date 28.6.2013

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Honda Broadford Bike Bonanza 2013

MT likes this event so much we actually help sponsor it. This year was the best yet; the HBBB is growing into a world-class event. MT was there in force…

Since it’s possible there are still some who don’t ‘get’ the Honda Broadford Bike Bonanza, let’s start at the beginning. It’s held at the State Motorcycle Sports Complex near Broadford in Victoria. The complex may be unique in that it has a road race circuit, an enduro circuit, a motocross circuit and a speedway circuit all on the same block of land.

Motorcycling Australia initiated the event in 2009 to support its The event was designed to get motorcycles out of sheds and provide a place where owners could ride their pre-1985 bikes again in a semi-sporting environment without the pressure of competition.

The result this year was around 4000 spectators and participants able to both watch and experience the motorcycle sport of their choice. At the road race circuit you could  ide your pre-’85 road bike in either the novice, intermediate or expert class for four 15-minute sessions each day. The novice class caters for bikes as humble as Honda’s S tepthru to period superbikes but the pace suits the experience of the riders. Other sessions this year included pre-’63 race bikes, pre-’73 race bikes and pre-’85 examples.

There were also sessions for sidecars and demonstrations from the superstars in attendance, including New Zealander Richard Scott (Bathurst Australian GP and Castrol 6-Hour winner), Kevin Magee on the Bob Brown Ducati 851, Barry Smith who is the forever Isle of Man 50cc champion (they cancelled the class after his last victory), Bob Rosenthal (Yamaha Australia factory GP rider), Jim Scaysbrook, Rod Tingate and our very own Cameron Donald, who put up a few laps on our give-away café racer.

The pit area is completely open for spectators and participants to wander through and every one of the hundreds of bikes has its own story. The bikes are just as interesting in the parking area and extensive campground where you can pitch your tent for the entire weekend. Elsewhere on the complex at the same time are wild motocrossers riding in classes to suit the age of their bikes, enduro demonstrations and a course specifically set up for trials riding. A highlight was the ‘Speedway Spectacular’ held between 4.00pm and 6.00pm on the Saturday. This attracted a huge crowd from the other disciplines and it often crossed the thin line between ‘demonstration’ and straight competition.

It was riotous good fun.


Each year the HBBB features a different marque and this year Velocette was the focus. Over 100 Velocettes turned up and ‘trundled’ around the road-race circuit six times over the weekend.

A highlight was Stuart Hooper’s streamlined 1959 model that recorded 276.2km/h at the Lake Gairdner Speed Trials this year, making it the world’s fastest single-cylinder British motorcycle. Stuart did some laps alongside Terry Prince’s Irving Vincent outfit that holdsthe top speed for its class.

Cam Donald’s father, Ken, also owns a Vello: a 1954 350 Mac. It was ridden for the event by Cam’s girlfriend, Karen Anderson.


Planning is already underway for Easter 2014 so find your tent or re-register your Kombi, dust off your old bike and make sure you enter. Details as they emerge will be available on the Motorcycling Australia website (

We’ll be there again both in the pits and on the track but, in the meantime, enjoy Russell Colvin’s pictorial survey of one of Australia’s best motorcycle weekends.