Michelin Pilot Road 4 | Road Tyres

Date 24.3.2016

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Michelin Introduce The XSTs

MT’s workhorse Honda Firestorm has been in need of new tyres for some time and this has coincided with Michelin releasing its Pilot Road 4 range.

Like its sports-touring predecessor, the Pilot Road 4 has ‘x-sipe’ technology integrated into its tread pattern. Thin sipes, located between the wide tread grooves, are designed to slice through the water on wet roads and channel it into circular reservoirs positioned along the sipe to keep more rubber in contact with the road.

You’re probably asking what sipe means. It’s old English for drip, ooze, soak through or percolate. Think of it as channels to get rid of water under the tyre.

The Pilot 4 has also introduced what Michelin calls ‘XST+’, a chamfer on the edge of the sipe that’s designed to eliminate abnormal wear as the tread flexes under hard braking on dry roads.

Honda Firestorm

An independent testing authority has determined the Pilot Road 4 range beats all of its competitors by 17 per cent in wet braking performance and Michelin claims 20 per cent longer tread wear. We have a set of Pilot Road 4 tyres on the Firestorm so watch Proving Ground for a report in the near future. Looks bloody good on paper, though.

PRICE: Front $229.95, rear $299.95 in popular sizes.