New Indian pricing released

Date 14.5.2013

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Polaris-owned Indian Motorcycles has released the first solid price for its new range of Chiefs, which will start at $28,995 on the road.

Several models are expected, but there is no further info, yet, on what will be available.

Meanwhile the company says it will deliver the first Australian examples before the end of the year.

The company says: “Staying true to its heritage, the revival of the Indian Motorcycle brand will debut with the introduction of the all-new Indian Chief. First introduced in 1922, the legendary Indian Chief is historically the brand’s most popular selling model and is widely recognized by motorcycling enthusiasts around the world as one of the most iconic motorcycles ever produced. The Indian Chief is the flagship of the brand’s 112-year product lineup, and it has come to proudly represent the spirit of the Indian Motorcycle brand.

“‘We are thrilled to make today’s important announcements, it is roughly 65 years since Indian Motorcycle was last officially sold in Australia and to physically launch the all-new Indian Chief simultaneously with the USA in Sturgis is truly special,’ said Country Manager for Motorcycles Peter Harvey.”

A brief video, showing a little footage of the factory, can be found here.