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Date 08.4.2014

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Projecta 1600mA battery charger

If you own more than one bike, keeping batteries charged can be time-consuming and tedious. If you don’t do it, the battery will slowly discharge and, if you leave it long enough, it won’t take a fresh charge, meaning you’re up for (another) new battery.

Trickle chargers are designed to provide enough charge to a battery to keep it fully occupied without running the risk of overcharging – another condition that will send you back to the battery shop with your wallet out.

The Projecta 1600mA charger costs around the same as a battery itself but, if used properly, will allow your bike’s battery to provide maximum service life. You’ll end up saving money.

It’s a compact device with a couple of handy accessories for motorcycle owners. You can connect it directly to the terminals of your bike’s battery using the two clamps provided but if you’re going to use it regularly on a bike you don’t use much, a better idea is to use the wiring provided to permanently provide a connection for the charger which can be accessed immediately without having to remove the seat and/or side covers.

The 1600mA (AC250B) suits most lead-acid motorcycle batteries and will slowly charge them until they’re storing 14.2 volts before automatically cutting out. The charger doesn’t then need to be disconnected – it will sit there patiently until the voltage drops to 13.4V before it turns itself on again.

A couple of tips: connect the charger at the battery before you connect the charger to a 240V power supply. Similarly, disconnect the 240V supply before you remove the clamps from the battery itself.

You’ll know if all is going well as a small, green light on the charger will signify the battery is fully charged and will turn to red if the voltage drops and the charger needs to come back into play.

Generally speaking, the kindest charge for your battery is a trickle charge and the Projecta 1600mA provides this.

Negatives? The clamps are a little flimsy and it makes you unsure occasionally that the connection is secure. Having said this, we’ve had a Projecta 1600mA in the MT workshop for three years now and the clamps are still working.

The price of the Projecta 1600mA charger varies from around $56 on eBay (new) to $80 in automotive shops or the automotive sections of the giant supermarkets.


PRICE: $56-$80
AVAILABILITY: Online and most automotive shops


First Class: *****
Damned good: ****
Worth a look: ***
Keep looking: **
Give it a miss: *


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