Tools: Bahco 25-piece tool kit review

Date 15.4.2014

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Bahco 25-piece Tool Kit

We’ve featured this little kit before but it has a competitor now from the same range and it’s timely to point out again how useful the 25-piece kit actually is for riders. It has sockets ranging from 4 to 13mm operated by a small but perfectly formed ratchet and it also has a range of heads for the various fasteners you find on bikes these days. An extension bar helps get the sockets and heads into the small spaces often encountered and, after four years of regular use, the quality of the metal has proved to be outstanding.

The kit is only slightly bigger than the palm of your hand, weighs just 500 grams and will fit into any tool space provided on your bike.

Its versatility gives it many uses on the road and it won’t be just you who finds it handy – your lesser-equipped mates will thank you for carrying it.

New from Bahco is a 26-piece set, which is slightly smaller again but has a ratchet ring spanner to engage with the sockets and heads rather than the 25 piece’s more traditional socket spanner. The quality will be as good but the socket selection is a little odd in that it runs 6, 7, 8, 10 and 13mm sockets. Where’s the 12?

Visit Andy Strapz’s website for a closer look at both kits. The old faithful 25-piece kit costs $59 and the newer kit costs $48.


PRICE: $48 (26 pieces) and $59 (25 pieces)


First Class: *****
Damned good: ****
Worth a look: ***
Keep looking: **
Give it a miss: *


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