Riding Vietnam: Spannerman & Guido

Date 16.12.2014

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  • Motorcycle Trader

Spannerman & Guido's Vietnam Adventure...


Riding Vietnam

Motorcycle Trader has been touring Vietnam with a group of 20 mates for the last eight days, on a big ride from Ha Noi, up to the Chinese border and back, via the back roads.

This is Spannerman’s fourth tour and Guido’s third – which suggests it might be easier for them to just move there.

The gigs have been run by Offroad Vietnam, which is a damned good operation.

Here are a few pics (and some video) to give you a taste for what is a truly spectacular country.

Look for the full story in a future edition of Motorcycle Trader. Oh, and with a bit of luck, we’ll have another video for you soon.