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Date 26.2.2014

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Motorcycle Journeys through the Alps and beyond

This fifth edition of John Hermann’s Motorcycle Journeys through the Alps and beyond incorporates updates and new information that Hermann has gleaned from two Alpine rides a year for the last six years. Clearly a helluva job but, as they say, someone’s gotta do it.

In the handsome paperback’s 416 pages Hermann covers around 90 separate trips that he believes are the best rides in Europe. Each is systematically introduced under ‘Distance’, ‘Terrain’ and ‘Highlights’ headings, followed by extra information often reflecting valuable local knowledge that the average tourist is oblivious to.

Hermann’s relaxed and humorous writing style is well supported with colour route-maps and shots of scenes from each ride.

The ‘Beyond’ section of this latest edition includes coverage of the equally enjoyable and challenging mountain roads of the Island of Corsica, the Pyrenees between France and Spain and the Picos range on the northern Atlantic coast of Spain.

The book rounds off with heaps of useful miscellaneous information. One of the section headings says it all: “Good stuff to know”.

Whether you’re really planning to do the Alps or you’re just looking to feed the dream, this impressive book from American publisher, Whitehorse Press, which caters specifically for motorcyclists, is an ideal resource.

Motorcycle Journeys through the Alps and beyond
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