Yamaha SR400: Almost there!

Date 28.4.2015

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Yamaha SR400

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Bring it home!

Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together? The journey of transforming our humble Yamaha SR400 into a sweet street scrambler is almost complete, and it looks a treat!

We’ve been blown away by the progress of the scrambled SR400 since our recent visit to Mid Life Cycles. There’s even been mixed emotions among some Motorcycle Trader staff about not getting stuck into the build themselves and conquering the challenges along the way. Whoever wins this thing is gonna be one lucky duck.

Entries close June 30 so subscribe to Motorcycle Trader for the full-fat 100 entries, complete the entry form in the magazine for 10 entries or jump on submit a single entry here. The winner will be announced on August 4.


It’s amazing how a few simple yet major changes can transform a bike.

In the SR400’s case, that transformation has been punctuated by a fresh lick of matte green paint, black wire-spoke wheels courtesy of Lightfoot Engineering on chunky Heidenau K60 Scout tyres, vintage motocross ’bars, a sleek Nitroheads brat seat and functional, robust luggage to conceal the original seat’s mounting points on the frame rails. The visual weight has been appropriately thrown to the scrap heap (read: carefully wrapped and stored in a cardboard box) including the seat, lighting and guards – all of which are oversize and overweight. Also gone is most of the shiny stuff including the fork lowers which received the appropriate black powdercoat treatment.

Other changes since our last update include beautifully tactile, diamond-shape grips from Biltwell, twin mini gauges, meaty beartrap ’pegs to perch on while jumping gutters and a nice, high-mount front guard.

Our – or more specifically, your – super-cool custom SR400 also now has a bark to better match its bite thanks to a deeper-breathing exhaust courtesy of Mostyn Performance parts.


Official numbers are 22hp over a broad rev range and 23Nm almost straight off the bat. That, along with the Jenny Craig program, should make for significantly improved performance.

With less weight also comes improved handling to bring out the best of the Ikon 7610-SP14-series rear shocks.

There’s still plenty more to go, too. Some graphics have yet to be laid and protected in a layer of clearcoat, LED indicators still need to be mounted and a Mad Max-style headlight is sure to be the piece de resistance.

Mid Life Cycles main mechanic Hayden Catchpole has been enthusiastic about the project from the beginning, and nothing has changed. He’s even tip-toed around the subject of how to rig a competition.


“You know what? I actually really want the bike for myself,” he said. “This is exactly what I’d do if it was mine. It’s the perfect urban runabout: it’s cool, light and tough.”

Unfortunately for Hayden and us here at MT, the good old days of a staffer’s family member winning a bike are long gone (just ask Groff), which means you’re actually in with a genuine chance.

So are you in it to win it? Subscribe to Motorcycle Trader for 100 entries, complete the form in the magazine for 10 entries or follow the link here for a single entry as many times as you like.

Entries close June 30. Good luck.