Adventure Travel Film Festival

Date 09.2.2015

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Adventure Travel Film Festival


In February all roads lead to Bright in the heart of Victoria’s Alpine Region for the Adventure Travel Film Festival. You’ll be inspired by films and speakers, you’ll want to get out and explore or you might just sit back and enjoy travelling vicariously.

Amazing films will be shown over the weekend. C90 Adventures: Malaysia to UK is the tale of an eighth-month journey from Malaysia to the UK on a pizza delivery bike – the reliable Honda C90. Ed March had no plan, no script, no backup crew and, most importantly, no one to tell him what a stupid idea it was. Ed’s film shows you what the world is really like when you hit the road on a small bike, with a smaller budget and a big smile.

At the other end of the scale is Dream Racer, the story of Sydney businessman Christophe Barriere-Varju’s attempt to take on the world’s most dangerous motor race, the Dakar Rally, on a motorcycle.

It’s a story of overcoming fears and pursuing dreams. Christophe will be in Bright to talk about his plans to take on the Dakar again in 2016 – this time in a buggy.

The 2013 Australian film, The Ride is the moving story of four Aussie blokes who swap their wheelchairs for quad bikes and embark on the ride of their lives. Their 5000-kilometre adventure takes them to the crash sites where their lives changed forever. The Ride is a powerful documentary to reduce even the toughest to tears.

Continental Drift is about two ordinary men’s trip of a lifetime riding from London to Sydney. Their plan was simple: ride from Darren Higginson’s home in the UK to Dave Darcy’s home in Australia. Their adventure goes a long way to showing that some political regimes in the world may be troublesome but the planet is filled with wonderful people who go out of their way to help these two hapless motorcyclists.

Among the speakers is Ron Fellowes, an incredible retiree who didn’t fancy taking up lawn bowls. In 2012 he rode his 102-year-old Belgian FN motorcycle from Nepal to Belgium. He had no GPS and no back-up crew. On a single-speed machine with inept braking, his odyssey had all the hallmarks of the impossible, but he made it.

Brian Rix and Shirley Hardy-Rix will be at the Adventure Travel Film Festival talking about their two-up motorcycle rides covering more than 140,000km through 54 countries. They will also be sharing their plans for a ride across Russia, the ’Stans and Mongolia next year.

And it’s not just about bikes. There are movies about two American travellers who paddle their kayaks down the Ganges – Go Ganges! Into the Empty Quarter was made by two Brits, Alastair Humphrey and Leon McCarrron who couldn’t afford camels for their journey through the Dubai desert so they made a steel cart and some incredible short films.

Also on the speakers’ program is Jeffe Aronson who rafts some of the world’s wildest rivers, travel writer and photographer Amar Dev Singh, Chris and Elayne Clash who drove their buggy more than 360,000km through 129 countries between 2007 and 2013 and entrepreneur and philanthropist Steve Killelea.
There’s an outdoor cinema, some terrific restaurants, the Bright Brewery and some great motorcycle roads. Get there and be inspired to get out there and do it.

The Adventure Travel Film Festival is held at Bright, in the heart of the Alpine Region on February 13-15. Tickets are available at Weekend passes are $95.