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Date 07.9.2015

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Entries closing soon!

Our Motorcycle T-shirt competition ends on Sunday 13 September (23:59 AEST), so if you haven’t entered already, this is your last chance!.

To enter, find your most significant motorcycle tee, take a selfie and in 50 words or less, tell us your story. Entry is free, just send us your details at

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If you need some inspiration, here are some of our latest entries:

paul-cannell-2-200Paul Cannell,

I prize this T-shirt because it reminds me of my trip to Iceland on an SR500. Shipped her to Britain. Rode her from Liverpool to Scrabster. Jumped on a boat to the Faroe Islands, then on to Seydisfjorder ,Iceland. Crossed the Arctic Circle on Grimsey.

juliaJulia Townsend,

I have the world’s best next-door neighbours and they’re very supportive of my motorcycle adventures. They brought me back this T-shirt from their last overseas holiday. It matches my Cranberry Red Triumph Sprint perfectly.

paul-keating-200Paul Keating

This is me and my favourite riding shirt with added ventilation!  It’s actually a car brand I was into before I discovered bikes. It’s very versatile, thick enough for winter rides with a few layers and just right for summer. It is well loved but does get a bit smelly though (so I’ve been told by riding buddies, me – can’t smell a thing) I was once told that was a true bikers badge of honour!

john-ayres-200John Ayres

A mate said, “Hey Ayresy, is that you, “Vintage Rebel”? I said, “Well not as “Vintage “as Ed Grant Groff Spannerman. But I have lost count of the speeding fines I’ve collected, and I’ve also obtained a broken pelvis in five places, a broken femur and a couple of lumps of metal, lost four toes and a kidney. So yeah I am a “Vintage Rebel”, and if the shirt fits, wear it!”

crazykatmerevised-130Kat Campbell-Davies

I’m Kat, whom many refer to as ‘that crazy little Kat-woman’ which I prefer to take as a term of endearment. I am indeed a wee bit eccentric and churn out wild art works and cartoon members in a motorcycle club I am a member of as well. My t-shirt, much loved as it is, is not expanding in line with my age, either width ways or lengthwise so I guess I am in need of a new t-shirt or two, just in time for the big 60. This pic is an example of being crazy – took my upper layers off and posed in 3 degree…now “that’s crazy,” said some. “A T-shirt competition?” Yup I grinned. “I could win 52 T-shirts!” You can guess their reply.

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