Book Review: ‘Ducati’ by Ian Falloon

Date 20.8.2015

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  • Motorcycle Trader


Ducati: Belt-Drive Two-Valve Twins

Regular readers of Motorcycle Trader will know of Ian Falloon’s regular column on collectable classics. He’s the author of over 35 books on motorcycles, around 18 of them being on Ducatis.

When you read his monthly column you get a sense of his commitment to research and accuracy. I talk to him regularly when I’m stuck on an obscure issue with an older bike and he never fails to be helpful. He arrived at Motorcycle Trader with an interesting background.

Ian was born in NZ in 1952 and studied engineering and music at Victoria University in Wellington. A motorcycle crash finished his career as a symphony orchestra oboist and he started his motorcycle writing career with the Ducati Story, first published in 1996. It’s now in its fifth edition and is published in three languages. He’s not all Ducati – he’s also published definitive books on various BMW, Honda, Kawasaki and Moto Guzzi models.

If the byline says ‘Ian Falloon’, trust it.

Ducati Belt-Drive Two-Valve Twins Restoration Guide, published by Octane Press in 2012, is a revised edition of the same book first published in 2000. Many of Ian’s books are now out of print so if you see them at garage sales or swap meets, snap them up. Some now sell on eBay for many hundreds of dollars.

Ducati Belt-Drive Two-Valve Twins Restoration Guide is available from online booksellers, including Angus and Robinson, for prices ranging from $50 – $60.