Book Review: ‘Motorcycle Handling and Chassis Design’

Date 20.8.2015

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Motorcycle Handling and Chassis Design

This book is actually titled Motorcycle Chassis Design: the theory and practice. It’s my own copy and was published in 1984. It was good enough to be reprinted many times, lastly in 1998, but it has been long sold out and your only chance of acquiring an original now is through second-hand book shops or swap meets.

While chassis design is technically complex, Tony Foale’s book (with Vic Willoughby) was written to be comprehensible to the general public and it certainly worked. It provided me with a framework for understanding motorcycle chassis design which forms the basis of my knowledge of it today.

Times change, of course, and a new edition of the book was released in 2002 and updated in 2006. Titled Motorcycle Handling and Chassis Design – the art and science, it has five times the amount of original text and three times the illustrations.

The good thing about it is it’s still meaningful for readers without science degrees and if you want to understand why your bike behaves the way it does or what ‘handling’ actually is, it’s a bible.

Gossip is the hard copy of the new book (paper, like we like it) has also sold out but you can get a PDF version on CD-ROM for 53 Euros and Tony will give you a 38-Euro discount on the proper book when it has been reprinted.

Read it and your mates will start listening to you again on Friday nights at the pub.

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