Book Review: ‘Round Oz Ride’ by Peter ‘Kog’ Godfrey

Date 21.8.2015

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Round Oz Ride | A Father And Son Journey

As the images in this excellent book reveal, its author, Peter ‘Kog’ Godfrey, looks like an extra from Lord of the Rings who was made to stand out in the sun for too long.

His ruddy complexion and below-average height, however, disguise many virtues. You can’t judge a book by its cover and, in particular, literally, you shouldn’t judge this book by its cover. It’s so much more than a description of a ride covering 17,750 kilometres in 40 days.

Kog’s 19-year-old son, James, decided to join him at the last minute on his 10-year-old Ducati 600 Monster.

On the surface, the ride by itself is entertaining enough but there are other, deeper stories.

The first is of a man on an unending journey towards some form of enlightenment. Then there’s the story of a father attempting to understand how to build a relationship with his son that will satisfy them both. Lastly, there’s James’ story: a young country boy beginning his own journey into the world and wrestling with conflicting drives in his quest to understand love – family love, love of the world and, most importantly, love of himself.

As you’ve gathered, this isn’t a how-to book about riding around Australia but it does have lots of practical advice and information. If you’re a truth-seeker, though, you’ll get much more out of it.

Round Oz Ride – a father and son journey is available from for $70 including postage.