Buying A Used Sports Tourer

Date 27.4.2016

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Buying A Sports Tourer On A Budget | Under $10k

Honda VFR800

What you get:  circa-2011, 15,000km

The only sports tourer with more fans than the Sprint is the Honda VFR800. Starting life as a 750 way back in 1986, the bike has undergone myriad changes over time.

The VFR is actually a tiny bit longer than a Sprint ST, but goes for less capacity in a higher-tech engine. This generation of the 800 V-four runs a sophisticated VTEC variable valve-timing set-up. Honda watchers felt the return to chain-driven cams (versus gears) was a giant step backwards. Servicing needs to be done by someone who knows what they’re looking at. Overall a cared-for example should last well.

Handling and overall road manners are at the ‘soft’ end of the sports-tourer scale, built for comfort rather than outright sporting prowess. Consider it a little more touring-oriented than the Sprint ST with a great fuel range. Go for the ABS version, if available.

Power:  78kW at 10,500rpm

Torque: 77Nm at 7500rpm

Dry weight:  215kg

Thumbs Up: Comfortable, big following

Thumbs Down: Softer manners

Triumph Sprint ST

What you get: circa-2008, 15,000k

Reasonably long and roomy, and often fitted with the expensive factory accessory panniers, the Sprint ST is one of the best long-distance mounts of its generation, particularly if you want to retain some serious sporting ability.

The 1050 triple-pot engine is flexible and seems equally happy to potter about or get borderline hysterical up toward the redline. Handling is respectable, backed by decent suspension and sharp brakes.

Local parts supply can sometimes seem a little sketchy, but worldwide supply is no issue. Overall a very easy bike to travel with, boasting decent comfort and good fuel range.

It may not be the sexiest motorcycle on the planet, but has a legion of fans because it works.

Triumph Sprint ST

Power:  93kW at 9250rpm

Torque: 77Nm at 7500rpm

Dry/Wet weight:  210kg

Thumbs Up: Comfortable and quick

Thumbs Down: Not the sexiest toy out there