Buying A Used Sportsbike

Date 19.4.2016

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Buying A Sportsbike On A Budget | Under $10k

Triumph Daytona 675

What you get: circa-2012, 20,000km

Though not strictly revolutionary when launched in 2006, Triumph’s 675 certainly shook up the sportsbike scene. The punchy triple felt more flexible than the screaming high revs at peak power would suggest. Across the generations, it is lithe, slim and very fast.

Many of us who’ve been road testing bikes for decades believe the sweetest rides are in the mid-range of the motorcycle catalogue (Suzuki’s GSX-R750 is another example) and this is living proof.

What you get is sharp steering and brakes, ample performance and overall manners that will make you look like a good rider.

Your money gets you the second version, with a lot of detail improvements over the first. Grab the R version if the right one pops up, but don’t lose any sleep either way.

Power 92kW at 12,600rpm

Torque 72Nm at 11,700rpm

Dry/wet weight 165/189kg

Pros: Super sharp, fast

Cons: Forget passengers

Triumph Motorcycles

Suzuki GSX-R1000

What you get: circa-2008, 15,000km

Launched in 2001, the GSX-R1000 took up where its rightly famous 1100 brethren stumbled. The big chaps had got a bit wide and heavy over time, nudging closer to sports tourer territory. Now they represent fantastic value – a story for another day.

The 1000 went back to core values: light, snarling, elemental little sports monsters that brought back much of the spirit of the first 750 of 1985.

This price range gets you a K7/K8 2007-08 model, which is essentially the same thing bar a freshen up of the graphics.

Suzuki GSX-R1000

What you get is a tough and seriously quick piece of machinery – we’ve now entered the horsepower per kilo club. Niceties include slipper clutch and adjustable ’pegs, plus a three-way power mode switch. It still growls like a GSX-R and has a reputation for being mechanically robust.

Power 136kW at 12,000rpm

Torque 117Nm at 10,000rpm

Dry weight 172kg

Pros: Ultra quick, legendary name

Cons: Finish can be a little delicate

Suzuki Motorcycles