Café Racer Issue #2 | Edline

Date 10.10.2015

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Edline Café Racer #2 | The Follow-Up Album

Words from the Editor:

This wasn’t supposed to happen. You weren’t supposed to be savouring these pages, raising your eyebrows at the breathtakingly beautiful imagery or hanging onto the words of each candid, inspiring story. And I sure as hell wasn’t supposed to be huddling over this little laptop for weeks while you sleep. Even the dog is shitty with me for leaving a light on.

This wasn’t supposed to happen because the first edition of Café Racer was supposed to be the only edition of Café Racer, but it sold out sooner than most people even knew about it.

So here we are with the task of the follow-up album, the second edition of Café Racer (the third was issued December 21), and it’s packed with all killers and no fillers.

Just like the debut, we’ve assembled a handful of bespoke bikes and rare originals and encouraged their owners to tell their story – warts and all. Nothing is sugar-coated.

Same goes for the informative DIY features and reviews of the showroom machines, including the long-awaited Ducati Scrambler as well as the Moto Guzzi V7 II Special, both of which offer a huge personalisation program.

What is different is the deep delve into the minds and workspaces of some of Australia’s unsung heroes. In this case, master mechanic John Trease and Isle of Man TT winner Cam Donald.

To call them a dynamic duo at the Phillip Island Classic each year would be a gross understatement. There are simply no words in the English language to describe the sound and feeling of seeing and hearing Trease’s home-built Harley Sportster. Cam tries his best while blowing the fancy fairings off the rest.

If you’re not familiar with Cam, YouTube him. Your nuts will shrink and you will be nauseous. Here, he’s “just a plumber from Warrandyte”, Victoria, over there, between kissing the hedges and ridiculously narrow overpasses of the treacherous Mountain Course, he’s a god.

We’ve also got up close and personal with Australia’s top-ranking Classic Race bike, the mighty Suzuki XR69 Replica, also ridden by Cam. Of course it’s not a cafe racer or a custom bike by any stretch, but the engineering, speed and uber-’80s nostalgia will have you bowing in respect and admiration. You can say how I told you so over a beer at next year’s Phillip Island Classic, mark my words.

Speaking of marks and rock stars (he wishes), we’ve passed the mic to Mark Hawwa, founder of Throttle Roll, Distinguished Gents Ride and Australia’s Cafe Racer movement. You’ve been warned.

So we hope our follow-up album strikes a chord and leaves you lusting for more, because there’s plenty more where all this came from. Even if it pisses off people…and dogs. Enjoy.

Chris Harris Editor Chris Harris, Editor, Café Racer #2