Confederate G2 P51 Combat Fighter

Date 03.2.2016

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Confederate G2 P51 Combat Fighter

Confederate has once again given a hearty two-fingered salute to conventional motorcycle styling by releasing its new G2 P51 Combat Fighter. The outrageously designed, second generation tough-looking P51 model is another example of the company’s raw, rebellious design philosophy.

Releasing details of the newest additional to its low-volume exotic range, Confederate claims the newest Combat Fighter punches out in excess of 200hp (150kW) and 230Nm from its 2163cc v-twin engine. Pricing for interested parties in the United States has already been confirmed at US$119,500 (AU$165,000).

Confederate G2 P51 Combat Fighter

With names such as Hell Cat, Wraith Speedster, Ghost and Combat, the Alabama-based American manufacturer has always been unconventional with its styling and the G2 P51 pushes the envelope even farther while retaining Confederate’s unmistaken styling cues and meaty proportions.

The rolling work of art is made entirely from aerospace billet aluminium with carbon fibre wheels and tips the scales at a claimed 227kg.

Just 61 examples of the G2 P51 Combat Fighter will be produced by Confederate, with each model uniquely designed for its owner and finished in a choice of anodized black or blonde.

The Australian importer of Confederate is Urban Moto Imports.

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