DriRider Trophy Retro Sports Touring Jacket

Date 22.6.2016

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It’s all right there in the name…

If there is a way to categorise my favourite type of motorcycling, it would contain those very words – DriRider Trophy Retro Sports Touring Jacket.

I like a jacket to look a bit old school. Hey, I’ve been doing this a long time and overtly colourful stuff just confuses me.

Give me the McQueen look, without trying too hard and I’m in, right away.

Of course, sports touring is the thing that’s kept me on road motorcycles for almost 40 years. If there’s a better thing than setting off for a very long road, accompanied by mates, on a competent but relatively comfortable bike, well, I’m yet to discover it. Well, this is a family show, so let’s leave it at that.

Let’s just say the jacket caught my eye on both fronts, so I ordered one. Now, just looking a little retro was never going to cut the mustard. The demands on materials and construction placed on modern stuff is pretty full-on.

It has to be waterproof but not too heavy. It has to breathe in summer, and it has to offer decent protection. That’s a big ask.

I have been wearing the Trophy for a few months now. I really like the appearance. It looks very similar to the old waxed cotton jobs we all remember with false affection. Perish the thought of that, though, this one is made of polyurethane and carbon-fibre coated cotton, and DriRider reckons “the more you wear it, the more vintage it looks”.

DriRider Trophy Retro Sports Touring Jacket

Now, that sounds a bit like PR speak, and it probably is, but the fact is it has proven true, and I like that. It’s gone a slight brown colour at the high wear areas, and loosened up nicely. Some may not want that. I do.

It is waterproof (as much as anything is). It’s all lies that there exists totally waterproof bike gear – I’ve never found it. Drop into one of those FNQ downpours in anything short of an Apollo mission suit and you’ll get wet. But, the jacket is as good as most in this area.

It is a short jacket, so buy it slightly large, if you don’t want the dreaded love handles scaring the local kids as you bend over the tank.

It has a lot of good stuff and comes in pretty damned reasonable at $369.95. That’s extremely competitive.

Good stuff includes: metal zips, quilted shoulder panels, fixed waterproof liner, removable thermal liner, armour in the shoulders and elbows, foam backpad, two side pockets which are pretty deep and wide, although they can look a little bulky with a wallet and phone in them. There are also two chest pockets and three inner pockets, so you can get a fair whack of stuff into the jacket itself.

Oh, and there is a zip for attachment to pants. Good stuff there.

So far so good. I love the look of the thing and time will tell on longevity, but I give this one a pretty good report card.

DriRider Trophy Retro Sports Touring Jacket

AUTHOR: Greg Leech aka ‘Snag’

PRICE: $369.95

WEB: www.McleodAccessories.com.au