Gear: Jackson Racing Won-Z review

Date 23.3.2015

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Jackson Racing Won-Z

In retrospect, it was a bit of a leap of faith to take an untried riding suit on an eight-day gallop around Vietnam knowing it was likely to get pretty much everything thrown at it.

Martin Harvey of Jackson Racing calls Victoria home and says the whole idea for the Won-Z came about after his sixth motorcycle soaking. What’s that line about necessity being the mother of invention? I can sympathise, as over the years I’ve proven time and again there’s no such thing as waterproof clothing.

Back to Harvey. He reckons he tried just about every high-end offering out there and wasn’t entirely satisfied, and so decided to make his own rain suit. The reasoning behind the design is that he reckons a one-piece is the go for sealing out the weather, and to overcome the challenge of coming up with something that’s easy to pull on.

If you’ve ever tried a conventional one-piece suit, you’ll know that getting into it by the side of the road is hugely amusing for onlookers, but damn near impossible for you unless you’re a black belt contortionist. Harvey’s solution is a suit with a central zip down the front, like most others, plus two ultralong zips on each side running from ankle all the way to high on the hip. The result is something you can step in and out of quickly and easily.

An online video at www.JacksonRacing. demonstrates with two riders getting into suits in one minute.

Construction is from a heavy woven material, with two layers of water barrier. It breathes (so you can feel some airflow) but repels water. Harvey recommends ordering an oversize, as the suit is intended to go over – rather than replace – your normal riding gear. While it would have some protective
qualities, that’s not its primary purpose. It’s literally an oversuit.

I ended up wearing it full-time over very light riding gear for eight days solid. It’s very quick and easy to get in and out of, keeps the crap off, and after a couple of days when we spent hours on end in steady drizzle, it proved to be bone dry on the inside. I’ve yet to try it in a downpour, but am
optimistic it will do just fine.

Designed to roll up into a neat and fairly small bundle, with a built-in retaining strap and its own protective bag, the Won-Z is easy enough to pack on board. Frankly, if the weather was looking dodgy, I’d be tempted just to put it on as it’s comfortable.


PRICE: $500
AVAILABILITY: Jackson Racing