Gear: Oxford ChillOut range

Date 28.4.2015

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Oxford ChillOut 

Australia is a big place, which means when winter hits, the weather can range from extremely comfortable in the Northern Territory to unbelievably freezing in Tasmania. In Victoria, it will alternate between both on an hourly basis.

For motorcyclists in the southern states the wind-chill factor often reaches a point where they scream no more and retreat to the comfort of four-wheeled transport until spring. Oxford is looking to reverse this trend by launching its ChillOut range. ChillOut is a windproof and water-resistant second skin you wear under your regular riding gear to keep out the cold. It also has an anti-bacterial treatment to reduce the chances of being on the nose after a few hours of riding.

PRICE: Shirt $119.95, pants $99.95
AVAILABILITY: All good motorcycle stores