Inside Motorcycle Trader #303

Date 28.1.2016

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Inside this edition of Motorcycle Trader Issue 303

Cam Donald takes the New Zealand built Commando Racer, the SBR Norton 750, for a blast around a North Island track and shares the ride with us. He gets under the fairings with the bike’s  builders Tony Stanwell and Mark Buckman.

Cam Donald on board Commando racer, the SBR Norton 750

Guido shares his expertise on 15 of the best bikes to buy under $10k

Guido's guide to the best bikes under $10k

We head to Melbourne’s annual festival of Italian motorcycles, which is nothing short of a feast of the finest mediterranean metal ever assembled.

Ducati Desmo 750

From Italy to America in a page turn. We uncover one of the world’s first adventure tourers.

One of the world's first adventure tourers Yankee Z

Gudio takes us on a blast with the MV Agusta of the 1990s and shares with us why its more than just a thing of beauty.


Agusta F4

And so much more including:

  • A visit to the 10-inch club, Melbourne’s Scooterlabs
  • A world exclusive on the Carberry-Enfield
  • A two-wheel trek through Scandinavia
  • A glorious reunion of man and metal in the purple Guzzi
  • We celebrate the Island Classic, and gear-up for the Penrite Broadford Bike Bonanza

And not forgetting all our regular features:

  • Roothless
  • Spannerman
  • Under the hammer…and then some.

Motorcycle Trader Issue #303 on sale from January 7, 2016

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