Inside Motorcycle Trader 310

Date 20.7.2016

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In this edition of Motorcycle Trader we review the recent Isle of Man TT trials and tribulations as shared by MT resident and Aussie racer Cam Donald, while Hamish Cooper sets the pace with a complete wrap – winners, record breakers and the losses –  from this year’s event.

Motorcycle Trader 310

Sean hits the road on Harley-Davidson’s Sportster while Cam returns from the TT to thrash the dirt on the HD XR750.


Sean then gets back in the saddle to bump and grind on the new Suzuki SV650 twin that is “leaner, sexier and more powerful” than the fallen Gladius.

Motorcycle Trader 310

Snag aka ‘Greg Leech’ heads out on the new Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber and Roamer and lets its ‘meaty top-end…and its latino machismo sound and style’ get into his blood…again!

Motorcycle Trader 310

CHarris heads to Throttle Roll for the biggest custom-bike street party in the country, mixing it up with 6000 others and their passion for rolling art.


Spanner and Snag go another round bantering about bikes and being blokes, while we head to Cairns for a road trip to escape the Aussie winter.

Guido digs deep to explore what exactly your prized bike is worth and the answers may surprise and delight you. And we ride the future classic KTM RC8.

Motorcycle Trader 310 Motorcycle Trader 310

As usual we bring you all our other metal amusements – Spannerman, Bike Detectives, Collectables, Under the Hammer, Cam, Guido and Roothie’s columns as well as take a peek in our own sheds for Our Bikes… All this and so much more in Motorcycle Trader issue #310, on sale Thursday, July 21.