Jackets And Gloves For Motorcycle Riders

Date 13.7.2016

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  • Motorcycle Trader


If life sends you down a rough, wet road, may you have a good jacket and gloves to go with it!

Below we feature a small range of gear to get you through this winter, and other seasons.


The AeroSec Top is a good-looking piece of kit with a serious name. But the best thing about it, according to the company, is it becomes waterproof and windproof with one quick zip.

The weatherproof membrane isn’t removable – it’s stored inside the jacket when you’re not using it. That means the AeroSec is cool and breathable when the day’s hot, but can be made waterproof and windproof when it’s wet. Basically you’re wearing a waterproof jacket under a vented one, but without much bulk – and you won’t lose the liner because it’s attached.

The AeroSec has CE-certified shoulder and elbow protectors, abrasion-resistant fabric and there’s space for back and chest protectors.

PRICE: $750




The “Thunder Stroke”. Sounds like a good night in. This jacket has patch pockets for your wet wipes and subtle embroidered and patch branding so you’re not easily identified in public. To ensure you don’t get too sweaty, it also features ventilated mesh, a removable vest, hidden ventilation panels for your chest and back and there’s snap pockets – six exterior and one interior.

For protection, there’s removable CE armour for the shoulders and elbows and an ‘action back’, plus there’s silver zippers and snaps, and a collar that can be fastened with a buckle. The materials used are leather and textile, with the sleeves a heavy, dull leather and the body nylon.

Thunder Stroke from Indian Motorcycles

PRICE: $400




The Tamira jacket is the women’s version of Held’s best-selling Hakuma adventure riding jacket. So it’s basically the same jacket but it’s made to fit women. Features include sleeve adjustment, airflow zippers on the forearms, shoulder and elbow armour and removable, breathable thermal lining.

With the lining zipped in, the jacket is waterproof and helps keep out wind. Take it out and you have a summer touring jacket with plenty of air flow. For convenience it has outer pockets and the waterproof lining can be stuffed into a large pocket on the outer-lower back panel. There’s also a protector pocket that can house Held’s CE-certified armour. Colours available include black-white, red-white, grey-orange and grey-black.

Held Australia's Tamira jacket for touring

PRICE: $490




Warm face, warm hands, warm feet – wouldn’t it be lovely? Held’s waterproof Rain Skin Over Gloves have the “warm hands” part covered. As the name suggests, these gloves fit over the top of your riding ones, keeping you’re hands warm and dry on a dark and stormy night, or day. They’re made from PU-coated polyester, have a Velcro adjustment strap at the cuffs and a visor wiper. Plus, they’re black.

Waterproof Rain Skin Over Gloves

PRICE: $55




The gloves are off – or on in this case. Dainese Carbon D1 Short gloves mean business. They are certified and, according to Dainese, very protective. The idea is to combine race-level protection in a short-cuff sport glove.

They might not get you through scrutineering for a track day, but they should be more than enough for a day around the mountains or back streets. They have knuckle carbon-composite inserts for punching the ground, polyurethane inserts on the palm and finger joint, and the palm is made of goat skin.

Other features include a wrist-adjustment strap, distortion control for the little finger, pre-curved fingers and silicon print on the finger for extra grip.

Dainese Carbon D1 Short Gloves from Gassons

PRICE: $229.95