Kriega Hydrapak Backpack

Date 03.8.2016

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  • Motorcycle Trader


While it might not be sumner right now, we still need to consider hydration when out on long rides. In the warmer months it’s a must. Yeah sure, there’s a pot, pint or schooner at the end of any rainbow ride, but what about during the journey? That’s where Kriega Hydrapaks are a lifesaver.

Once you’ve used a hydration pack on the bike you’ll be preaching its virtues to all your mates. They’re vital for off-road riding but even for the roadies, you’ll be surprised by how parched you can get. Perfect when you get stuck behind a car or during a dull straight.

Regular hydration packs from outdoor-type stores are okay, but we’ve owned many over the years that become incontinent with age and leave an embarrassing puddle every time you bend over to adjust something. They hardly offer great value or quality for the money.

That’s where the good folk at Kriega come in with its high-quality range of innovative hydration packs.

The English motorcycle luggage and accessories specialist has an extensive product range to quench your thirst, from conventional-size hydration packs to extra-handy pearlers like this, the R15.

It’s a clever 15-litre backpack for road, enduro and MTB riders and shares its quadlock harness system of the Hydro 3 hydration pack, but provides additional storage often needed on the trail or day trip. It’s also hydration-compatible, so you can add a 3.0-litre reservoir ($55) and you’re ready to go.

We’re putting one through its paces at the moment and it’s so far been brilliant during those day-long trips; its weight is well distributed and hardly noticeable even when fully loaded.

Kriega offers a multitude of options to add to the bag at any time (such as drypack storage and a harness pocket for a phone) and the reservoir secures its liquid contents much like a zip-lock rollbag – not the silly round plug found on others. Oh, and a 10-year warranty.

PRICE: R15: $139, Hydrapak reservoir $55