Kriega R25 backpack review

Date 18.3.2015

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  • Motorcycle Trader



Kriega R25 backpack

Kriega doesn’t need Motorcycle Trader to support its excellent reputation as a backpack manufacturer. I acquired my Triumph-branded R25 model at a blind auction at a motorcycle fundraiser. My bid of $50 was enough and turned out to be cheap compared with the Triumph recommended retail price of $190.

Kriega is a regular advertiser in MT and its price for the R25 is a dollar less than Triumph’s.

If $189 seems like a lot for a backpack, you’ve obviously never been on a long ride with an overfilled, cheap unit dragging at your shoulders and making the ride a misery. The difference with the R25 is that it has a harness that shifts the load-carrying duties to the hips and chest, transferring the majority of the weight away from the shoulders. Just as importantly, the harness keeps the pack from moving around and doesn’t restrict normal arm movement.

The R25 also has provision for a hydration unit and, to underline its quality, it comes with a 10-year guarantee.

It doesn’t claim to be waterproof but I torture tested it in Vietnam and it was equally adept at keeping moisture and dust out of the inner compartments. The build material and zips are pleasingly robust and the organiser pockets and expander mechanism are well thought out and very practical.

In case you hadn’t noticed by now, I’m a convert and I expect to still be wearing my R25 long into the future.


PRICE: $189
AVAILABILITY: See for stockists or visit your Triumph dealer