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Date 05.5.2016

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Pannier And Shoulder Bags From Andy Strapz


Aussie oilskin is a fabulous fabric that develops a stylish patina over years of use. It does, however, have some downsides. It’s greasy and essentially a clothing fabric so as a bag fabric it wears more rapidly than nylon fabrics at stress points and corners.

Andy Strapz has addressed these issues in a newly revised version of his popular Sholda Bagz.

The fragile bits have been replaced and the centre band is now 1000 denier abrasion-resistant nylon Kodra.

The fabric is now an ‘oillless’ oilskin. Officially called ‘Fortress’, it turns 100 per cent cotton into a microporous, hydrophobic, breathable, washable bag that looks just like the original, old-fashioned oilskin.

Owners end up with the best of both worlds: style and durability. Like the AA bagz also on these pages, the Sholda Bagz is made from Australian materials in Andy’s Seaford, Victoria factory.

PRICE: $83 plus postage

AVAILABILITY: Andy Strapz stockists or direct



Andy Strapz has given his popular Expedition Pannierz a make-over to celebrate 10 years in the marketplace. Originally designed to service riders on ‘expeditions’, Andy found the soft panniers to be regularly pushed way beyond what he had in mind for them.

“There’s a new generation of adventure riders out there now: ex-dirt bikers, Enduro racers and well-rounded dirt nutters who are strapping gear to a mid-size chooky and going forth at great pace, cartwheeling in the never-never,” he says.

While the architecture of the Pannierz hasn’t changed, the way they secure to the support frames has.

Strapz Pannierz

Tension-relieving double D ring sets along the sides and across the back of the bags have been added to resist the harsh banging and crashing associated with relentless corrugations. On top of that, a new, wider rear base strap and low-profile ladder lock fastener have been added which Andy says makes the whole kit more crash-friendly than the original Expedition Pannierz.

A set of double Ds has also been added to the rear top to hold the back back closer to the bike. Lastly, there’s a name change: welcome Avduro Pannierz!

PRICE: $425 (or $495 with liners and 1250 Flat Strapz)

AVAILABILITY: Andy Strapz stockists or direct.