Motorcycle Trader’s Cafe Racer 2 magazine

Date 29.6.2015

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Cafe Racer 2

Now on sale, the 162-page magazine follows the huge success of last year’s first edition, which was intended as a one-off after Collectables and Spannerman’s TechTips.

Motorcycle Trader deputy editor Chris Harris was again at the helm of Cafe Racer and says the magazine highlights the strength of the custom-bike scene which is reflected in the content.

“The second edition of Cafe Racer is the follow-up album to the hit debut and it’s packed with all killers and no fillers,” he says. “We’ve assembled a handful of bespoke bikes and rare originals and encouraged their owners to tell their stories – warts and all.”

Same goes for the informative DIY features and reviews of the showroom machines, including the long-awaited Scrambler, for which Ducati is offering a huge personalisation program.

What is different is the deep delve into the minds and man caves of some of Australia’s unsung heroes: in this case, master mechanic John Trease and Isle of Man TT winner Cameron Donald (see the video here).

There are no words to describe the sound and feeling of seeing and hearing Trease’s 1959 Harley-Davidson Sportster. Cam tries his best while blowing the fairings off the rest.

Cafe Racer #2 is at a newsagent near you, but hurry while stocks last.