Book review: One Good Run – The Legend of Burt Munro

Date 18.8.2015

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One Good Run – The Legend of Burt Munro

Many of you will have seen the very entertaining movie starring Anthony Hopkins about Burt Munro, but nothing beats the Tim Hanna book for accurate detail.

Munro was already in his sixties when he took his heavily modified 1920 Indian Scout to the Bonneville salt flats and the rest, as they say, is history.

Hanna’s book reads like a thriller and you’ll relax into his comfortable style and not want the story to end. It’s not a history but a dramatic recreation, albeit highly factual and accurate. Hanna is also the author of John Britten, the best-selling biography of the late New Zealand motorcycle engineering legend. Tim rides himself so he gets what motorcycles are about and writes with great empathy.

One of the problems with movies is they compress stories. The Penguin edition of One Good Run gives you over 300 pages to enjoy the subtlety and nuance of Bert’s life and times. No, ‘Bert’ isn’t a spelling mistake – it was his name until he went to America and changed the spelling to make it easier for his hosts. The book provides a far better understanding of how overwhelming the task Munro took on actually was. It’s a great read.

One Good Run is published by Penguin NZ and is available in bookshops as well as in the form of a $7.95 eBook.