Redback work boots vs US Police boots review

Date 16.3.2015

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Redback work boots vs US Police boots

Here’s the problem: our recent Vietnam trip involved plenty of riding in difficult conditions but also plenty of walking. We needed boots that were good for both. I ended up wearing my Australian-made Redbacks which, with their clever arch support, are as comfortable as you can get for general use but offer not much in the way of ankle protection and no shin protection. Most of our riding was below 40km/h and I tested how the boots would perform in a low-speed crash and can report they stayed on.

They also turned out to be waterproof, which was an unexpected bonus. The Redback Great Barrier boot retails for $168. Fellow traveller Paul Newbold bought a pair of US police-issue boots online before his recent 30,000km ride across Russia, which he used again for the Vietnam trip. They came from Bates Footwear and the current closest equivalent is the GX-8 model, which has an insulated side zip.

They’re waterproof, insulated, breathable and slip resistant. According to Paul, they’re fine to walk in all day and have the advantage of offering ankle protection although they take longer to get on and off than the Redbacks.

PRICE: Redback Great Barrier $168, Bates Footwear GX-8 $US135 ($166)
AVAILABILITY: See websites for stockists: Redback Boots, Bates Footwear