Products: RST one-piece waterproof suit

Date 09.7.2015

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RST one-piece waterproof suit


Simplicity at its best. 

While not in use the rubbery-plastic suit can be packed into a small bag and slipped into your pannier or a backpack. As soon as it begins to rain – presto! You pull it out, slip it over whatever you’re wearing and you’re waterproof within seconds. It’s like a giant condom in reverse – it keeps stuff out instead of in.

Despite being unisex, they are not a fashion item. If you do buy a set for yourself and your significant other, dear god, please don’t buy the same colour and be seen wearing them
together! It’s such a fashion faux pas. Sizes SM/40-3XL/50

PRICE: $89.95
AVAILABILITY: All good motorcycle stores


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