The Biker’s Board Game review

Date 17.2.2015

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The Biker’s Board Game

The ride isn’t turning out so well. You and your mates are trapped in a caravan park cabin while the rain buckets down outside. It could be worse: you’ve got sausages and bread and Davo never goes anywhere without a 2.0-litre cask of shiraz. This time, though, Davo also produces something else: a new board game specifically for riders.

In truth, it’s a liberal interpretation of the word ‘board’ in that the playing surface is actually washable cloth which allows it to be scrunched up for transport and also allows it to be rescued for next time after Davo inevitably spills red on it.

The game is the brainchild of veteran South Australian rider Pat Baxter who, at age 67, says he can see the end of the road. “Motorcycling has been the main passion in my life and it’s been a real blast. I’ve owned and ridden 35 different bikes over the years and there are absolutely no regrets. In the twilight years of my riding life, I wish to leave something for all motorcycle riders to enjoy – the Biker’s Board Game.”

The BBG is a quiz game of motorcycling knowledge and trivia. The object of the game is to collect racing certificates by correctly answering questions related to motorcycling. The game is set up for up to four players and everyone starts off in the ‘repair shop’ in the middle of board. A dice is thrown which allows you to move around the board. If you throw a three, for example, you move three spaces and are then asked a question from the question cards. If you answer correctly, you throw the dice again and move on. Your go will cease when you answer incorrectly and the dice is passed to the next player.

The questions are in three categories: sport and entertainment; general knowledge; motorcycle history. We’ve randomly picked some questions to give you an idea of how hard it’s likely to be. Give yourself a score out of 10.

  1. What type of motorcycle event first held in Paris in 1922 was called the Bol d’Or?
  2. T.E Lawrence was killed while riding which brand of motorcycle?
  3. What type of motorcycle component is made by Showa?
  4. Which 1979 motorcycle movie starred the British entertainer David Essex?
  5. Which motorcycle club organises the Spaghetti Rally?
  6. What does the MV stand for in MV Agusta?
  7. Who performed the 1964 song ‘Leader of the Pack’?
  8. In what year was the Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix first held at Phillip Island?
  9. Dr Nikolaus Otto is credited with inventing what?
  10. What girl’s name is also the name of an early model Ducati?

Get the picture? Actually, you will eventually get the picture as Pat is currently working on a picture edition of the game which provides visual rather than written questions.

Motorcycle Trader had fun checking the game out and you will too.

It fits in a box the size of five stacked CDs so it’s easy to carry on a bike although the box itself isn’t particularly sturdy and you many eventually have to find a new container for the game’s various bits and pieces.

Oh, you want the answers to the questions?

1. 24-hour endurance race
2. Brough-Superior SS100.
3. Shock absorbers.
4. Silver Dream Racer.
5. The Moto Guzzi Club (Victoria).
6. Meccanica Verghera (that was a hard one!)
7. The Shangri-Las.
8. 1989.
9. The fourstroke engine.
10. Diana

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