News: Vic Parliament Inquiry releases report

Date 17.12.2012

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The Parliament of Victoria Road Safety Committee has recently tabled its report for the Inquiry into Motorcycle Safety.

It makes 64 recommendations.

The Committee found there has been a 70% increase in the number of registered motorcycles from 2001 to 2011, and a 37% increase in licensees between 2002 and 2010.

The funding of road safety was investigated, with the recommendation that the motorcycle safety levy be abolished and funds derived from enforcement practices be transferred into a specific road safety fund, eliminating the financial burden currently placed on motorcycle riders.

Important key recommendations include:

Recommendation 1: That an independent office of road safety data be created, which will be responsible for collecting, collating, interpreting and publishing all data relevant to road safety.

Recommendation 12: That an on-road training component for learner riders, and on-road testing component for probationary riders, be introduced.

Recommendation 13: That VicRoads and the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) treat off-road motorcycle safety no differently to that of on-road motorcycles.

Recommendation 23: That a ‘Motorcycle Safety Awareness Week’ be held annually in Victoria in conjunction with the Phillip Island MotoGP.

Recommendation 25: That the motorcycle safety levy be abolished.

Recommendation 37: That VicRoads initiate a consultation process, based on the Swedish OLA (Objective facts, List of solutions, Addressed action plans) method, for motorcycle safety that involves all road safety agencies, motorcycle clubs, stakeholders and groups, and members of the broader community with a view to developing new safety initiatives.

Recommendation 44: That motorcycle advocacy groups in Victoria continue to work towards greater cooperation and coordination amongst themselves, particularly when engaging with road safety agencies.

Recommendation 45: That VicRoads and the TAC, in conjunction with road safety researchers, undertake a crash reporting and investigation study, using the Motorcycle Accident In-Depth Study approach as a model.

Recommendation 52: That a star rating system for protective motorcycle clothing, which includes boots, gloves, jackets, pants and armour, be established within 24 months, and be fully functioning within 36 months, of the tabling of this report.

Recommendation 59: That the benefits and risks of filtering, as distinct from lane splitting, be reviewed with the aim of re-introducing filtering in Victoria.

Recommendation 62: That the hypothecation of funds derived from enforcement, and their transfer to a specific road safety fund which could be used to supplement existing funding for road safety measures, including those aimed at motorcyclists, such as that in Western Australia and New South Wales, be implemented in Victoria.

In completing the report, the Committee received 76 written submissions from a wide range of stakeholders including individuals, government agencies, rider groups, health professionals and motorcycle representative groups. During the course of the Inquiry, the Committee received evidence from over 100 witnesses in both Melbourne and regional Victoria and also met with a number of international motorcycle safety experts.

The Victorian Government is required to table a response to the report within six months.

For a copy of the report, including the full list of recommendations, see: