Victorians next to lane filter

Date 23.4.2015

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  • Motorcycle Trader



Victorian Minister for Roads and Road Safety, Luke Donnellan, has indicated lane filtering should become legal in Victoria by September 1.

If confirmed, Victoria will follow New South Wales and Queensland in legalising lane filtering over the past 18 months to ease traffic congestion. The ACT is currently conducting a twoyear lane filtering trial.

Victoria is likely to adapt its lane filtering laws to suit Melbourne’s tram system.

NSW lane filtering laws came into effect on July 1 last year, allowing motorcyclists to filter between lanes of stationary or slow-moving (below 30km/h) traffic.

Queensland riders were permitted to lane filter from February 1, with additional allowances for filtering past stationary or slow-moving vehicles via the shoulder and emergency lanes.

When the ACT began its 24-month trial this year, it employed the NSW system to reduce confusion. However, should the trial be successful, there is a chance the ACT could also employ its own ideas on the best lane-filtering practice.

Despite being faced with state-by-state variations to suit local conditions, motorcycle lobby groups backing lane filtering nationally are applauding the pro-active moves by state governments to ease traffic congestion.

It is hoped an official announcement, together with clarification of its filtering by the Victorian government shortly, providing the Transport Accident Commission with an appropriate amount of time to launch a driver education program.