Video: Custom-built Yamaha SR400 Winner

Date 10.8.2015

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  • Motorcycle Trader

At long last, our latest competition to win our custom-built Yamaha SR400 has been drawn. And the winner is..


Our Custom-Built Yamaha SR400 winner

Congratulations to Colin O’Keefe from Canberra, who is the winner of our Custom Yamaha SR400, built by Mid Life Cycles.

Colin is a worthy winner, with three bikes already in his shed and a devout Yamaha Motor Australia enthusiast – he owns a pair of TRX850s, one of which is a track bike.

And his plans for the SR400 built by the boys at Mid Life Cycles? “I’m gonna absolutely RIDE it!” he told us while struggling to contain his excitement while at work. “I’ve never won a thing in my life!”

Congratulations Colin, all your luck has come at once!

All the best, from Motorcycle Trader Australia.

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