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Date 21.7.2015

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Win motorcycle t-shirts

We’re giving you the chance to win a year’s supply of motorcycle themed T-shirts (that’s 52!) in your size.

To be in the running, just email us at with a photo of you wearing your favourite motorcycle t-shirt and tell us in 50 words or less why it is so important to you.

See full details on the comp, including terms & conditions here.

The winner will be announced in our bumper #300 issue of Motorcycle Trader and we’ll run examples of entries in the magazine each month until then.

Entry is free, of course, so go for it!

Need some inspiration?

We can become attached to particular T-shirts because of who gave them to us, where we got them, what they say about our beliefs and inclinations or what they remind us of.

Here are some examples so far from our readers:

matt-treziseMatt Trezise

Jethro Tull’s Aqualung was my favourite album in 1972 when I was riding an old Triumph around Canberra. It had a Bantam tank and had been painted with a brush, but I loved it and learned to ride on it.

meaghan-kirbyMeaghan Kirby

This is a photo of me proudly wearing my Foxy Fuelers tee, the night before we all debuted our shirts proudly at this year’s Throttle Roll event. As a Sydney Cafe Racers ladies-only offshoot, we ride most weekends and I’ve never known such camaraderie. I love this group and T-shirt as much as my bike – almost.

leigh-harveyLeigh Harvey

It’s bright, comfortable and racy and that’s what matters to me. My bucket list would be to go to Silverstone and watch the racing at this incredible circuit. This tee keeps my dream alive.

jim-donohoeJim Donohoe

I visited Lewis Leathers in 2013 and this T was the last one in the series. Who should I meet but Keith Richards, who also wanted the T.
“Sorry, Keef,” says I. “Get your sticky fingers off – you can’t always get what you want!”
I can have it if I want,” says Keef.
“You can’t,” says I.
“What did you call me?” says Keef?

brian-kellyBrian Kelly

I bought this shirt at the 500cc Grand Prix held at Eastern Creek about 1992. I managed to get it signed by Norrie Abe and this is the first time that I have worn it. I’ve quite a few T-shirts but this is the most significant.

mike-cowieMike Cowie

This T-shirt represents, to me, two of the most enduring passions of my life. My wife, of 45 years, who came up with the design and had this T-shirt made for me last Christmas, and my venerable 1980 SR500 which I’ve owned and enjoyed for 35 years. It still puts a smile on my face everytime I throw a leg over.

tony-dumbillTony Dumbill

Five years ago, the wife and I had planned a European tour – our first overseas holiday ever. She asked me where I would like to go in the UK: the Isle of Man, Donnington and the Ace Cafe. Holy crap, was I excited! Then, just before booking, we received the bad news my wife was diagnosed with cancer. She’s been battling now for five years and, needless to say, our holiday went out the window. Meanwhile, my eldest son started work in Europe, secretly went to the Ace Cafe, took some photos and sent me this tee with the note, “I went there for ya, Dad.”

Look for more entries in each issue of Motorcycle Trader.

Here’s what some of the MT staffers have to say:

chris-harrisChris Harris

There was a time when I obsessively monitored the market for second-hand Buells, but when I found the ultimate bargain, I just couldn’t afford it. The Minister of Finance stuck to her guns though and made this Buell T-shirt for Christmas to “cheer me up”.

guy-allenGuy Allen

I’m rarely seen in anything other than SR500 Club merchandise and here I’m modelling my favourite anniversary T-shirt alongshide a photo of the much-missed club stalwart, Peter “Mister” Smith. The SR500 Club logo was designed by one of the original members, Paul Newbold, and has become so popular you often see it being worn by hipsters who don’t even ride.

rob-blackbournRob Blackbourn

Although I’ve finally managed to toss out lots of old programs from motorbike races I still find it hard to let go of my biker T-shirts. Even when the collars sag and flop. From the overflowing drawers I’ve gone for one of the “Older wiser, faster” shirts that the MT team used to sell from its stand at the Ulysses AGMs. A bloke bowled up to the co-pilot and me at Hobart’s Salamanca market recently and pointing to the shirt’s message asked her how I measured up. She said: “I suppose one out of three’s not too bad”.

steve-kealySteve Kealy

The South African Toy Run is the largest event of its kind in the world. Last year it attracted 75,000 bikes, 100,000 people and collected 750,000 toys and is always run on the last Sunday of November. My wife and I started the event in 1983, defying apartheid laws and receiving death threats along the way. We ran it for nine years before handing it over to a committee, but our vision for its enduring growth has proven accurate. Nelson Mandela personally thanked me over lunch for starting it.

amanda-roffAmanda Roff

This is my dad’s T from his days at New England Uni in the mid-’70s. He’s still great mates with most of the original club members and Nick Rooth’s logo design is now seen regularly at Melbourne music gigs for my bands Time for Dreams and Harmony.

antoinette-dakataAntoinette Dakota

When you love motorcycles and love working with words and images, it seems only natural to gravitate towards the leading motorcycle magazine in the country. It’s been a dream to write and shoot for a living and AMCN has given me the opportunity to put the best of my skills to good use. Fred Gassit is AMCN’s mascot and his cheeky, often inappropriate and undeniable straight-shooting attitude means I wear our T-shirts proudly. I love this one because I love the sound of big-bore pipes.

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